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Ready Steady Snow...!

ISTA (International Snow Training Academy) is similar to the PADI Diving System, the first internationally standardized system for snow & avalanche courses with official certification.
The Freeride Division has been a member since 2016 and is offering ISTA courses.


Discovery is the first step in ISTA training. It is a one-day course that lays the foundation for the first steps into the terrain.






  • Course One day
  • ISTA box
  • 200.- Euro Partner Discounts
  • ISTA badge


ST1 is the entry-level course of ISTA’s progressive Snow Training courses. During two days, you will acquire fundamental skills and basic knowledge required to carry out the risk management process, implement rescue procedures and use rescue equipment.


  • two days course
  • ISTA box
  • 200,- Euro Partner Discounts 
  • ISTA badge
  • ISTA Card